Sessions are adapted to suit your individual needs and goals. 

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Introductory Consultation 

Want to sample what this work is like? This introductory consultation is designed for those who are unfamiliar or curious about holistic wellness practices.

  • Phone call session
  • Discuss your goals and create a care plan
  • Release or correct one imbalance
  • Receive a detailed e-mail summary
  • Allow 45 minutes.
  • Price: Free.  

Mind-Body Balance Sessions 

These session go deep into finding all of the emotional and energetic imbalances that are causing your mind and body problems. Focused and targeted work using different techniques such as The Body Code, Healer’s Blueprint, Three-Dimensional Therapy, Essential oils and more.

  • Phone call or E-mail Sessions
  • Every session is unique.
  • Release trapped emotions and other harmful energies
  • Correct imbalances in the energy circuits and systems of your body
  • Identify and clear nutritional imbalances, pathogens and toxicity
  • Learn continued healing suggestions and tools to use on your own
  • Receive a detailed e-mail report 
  • Clear the negative self-talk from your life
  • Clear deep-seeded beliefs and fears that you are not enough or that you are incapable of achieving a happy and fulfilling life.
  • Get your mind on board with the life you want to create. 
  • 30, 60 and 90 minute options available. 
  • Price: $60-$147. 

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Package Options

Buy 9 sessions, get 1 free!

  • Find amazing balance with 10 Mind-Body sessions.
  • Use individually or split between family members.  
  • E-mail sessions upon request.
  • Sale Price: $540-$1,323. 

For readability

Energy healing is simple. First of all, it all about trapped emotions. Trapped emotions come from traumatic experiences. Meaning, we can carry some of that trauma with us. Secondly, energy healing focuses on blocks. Blocks come in all shapes and sizes. From sabotages to faulty-core belief systems. Finding these blocks and pulling them out helps us feel lighter and better. Third, energy healing balances the body. As such, the body is freer to do it’s thing. And so, the body functions better. Causing the body to heal itself. Last of all, energy healing brings our spirit’s peace. For example, after a session, people generally feel lighter and happier. Henceforth, energy healing is a favorite tool for many. Energy Healing is simple. It is gentle. It is also fun. Energy healing is worth a try. Therefore, Why not try it out today? You wont be sorry.

And so, are you ready to try it out? Or are you ready to feel better? Or are you simply looking for something new. If you are, schedule an appointment with me. You can do this by clicking the link above. Also you can email me. Furthermore, you can call me. Another way to contact me is to go to my contact page.