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Breathing Easier:


“Hi Cassie- I am calmer and it is easier to breathe after our session.  I needed to let you know how much I appreciate the work you do and your goodness! thank you so much!”

– Becky L

Feeling Free:


“I really appreciate all the help you are giving me! I can’t express my gratitude enough. The changes I’ve experienced in just the two sessions are incredible. I’ve had hand/wrist pain as I told you, especially lately in my left wrist/thumb. A while back, I even heard and felt a slight pop with increased pain, but after today, I can move my thumb more freely than I have been able to in a long time and the pain has decreased quite a bit! And even just the lightness I feel…it’s so freeing! You are amazing!”

– Devora P

Pain gone:

“Hi Cassie, The tightness in my left shoulder blade is gone and the mersa bump is not as swollen or tight feeling. I’m continuing to get rid of a lot of water. I’m looking forward to weighing in at the gym later today after getting rid of so much water.”

Jeff C.

Strong hand, velvet glove:

“ She has a strong hand but she wears a velvet glove.”

Gwen S. Ledger, MSW

Clear the overwhelm:

“I’m feeling pretty good… over the last week, I’ve been waking up with either LITTLE or manageable anxiety, versus the usual overwhelming thoughts.  That’s been my life for so long I had accepted it as normal.”

Terri L.

T3 Works:

“I enjoy all of our sessions but the relief from the longer session was so deeply cathartic. I had lunch with another body code practitioner today, and told her i’m basically over [my ex] after two weeks of t3. She knows the extent of my situation with him and she found it very impressive. I know my psychotherapists jaw would slam through the floor if i paid for another session to tell her about it.”

Tamsone B.

A Privilege:

“I had the wonderful privilege to have Cassie work on me for the last several months and she is Fantastic! She is the sweetest person and really has a love for her clients and their well being. She is very intune and everything she found even down to age of traumas was spot on!  I highly recommend her!”

Ashley J

Controlled Memories:

“Hi Cassie, After our session, I have to say my allergies are doing much better. I feel like I had been using half a box of tissues every day and it just fell to a dead halt. I need a few a day but nothing compared to before. …Usually at some point during the day my mind will pore over details of the bad things that happened and I will obsessively try to imagine a different scenario. Dissolving that circuit made a huge difference for me. Its like my mind re-routes if it starts to approach the negative memories. Its like its more focused on forgiveness and good feelings.”

Tamsone B

Spiritual Purpose:

“Hi Cassie: That night when I did the lavender and meditated I set the timer for 5 min. to get used to how long 5 min. felt like. I think I dozed off but when I came back I was being shown something that was a perfect example of what was happening in my life and the answer was also there as to what I should do. I noticed the timer didn’t go off. So not only did God give me divine guidance, he also kept the timer from going off and disturbing what happened. God is so amazing!!! I am so lucky to have Him in my life. This makes me look forward to doing the lavender and meditating EVERY night. I think this is going to be something very important for me to do every day. I’m so thankful I did this session with you.”

Brenda M

Intuitive Sessions:

“She has really helped change my entire life! I always look forward to my sessions with her and if I don’t have a session I really miss them! Its my favorite part of the day. Cassie is soooooooo intuitive and she is always accurate with exactly what is going on with me. Her energy is so genuine and caring. She is literally an angel on earth. If you want to feel better, shes your go to woman hands down!”

Hannah P.

Thought-Provoking Sessions:

“Hi Cassie, I feel better actually both physically and even emotionally.  I appreciate the findings you provided as they were very interesting and thought-provoking.”


A Turning Point:

“Hi Cassie, I wanted you to know how grateful I am for the T3 session that you did with me. You released three programs of failure and told me I was going to be highly successful. And that is just what is happened to my experience with the body code. I am getting such good results it is such a pleasure and delight! Success breeds more faith and confidence and I think it will just keep growing. But our session was definitely a turning point. I am anxious to get the T3 training myself and add it to my repertoire of skills. Thank you again and again love”

Susan N

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