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All services include the tools below. 

Emotion Code ServicesThe Emotion Code: 

The Emotion Code releases trapped emotional energy from the body’s systems. Often, trapped emotions are found in organs, glands and tissues creating big problems for the physical and mental body. And so, releasing these emotions help a person feel emotionally and physically better.  Read more about the Emotion Code here.


Body Code ServicesThe Body Code: 

Emotions are only one kind of energy that get trapped in our bodies. The Body Code is an extension of the Emotion Code. This modality deals with a wide variety of energies that bog us down. Through the Body Code we release all kinds of emotional, mental and physical toxins resulting in a clearer body and spirit.   Read more about the Body Code here.

T3 SessionsThree-Dimensional Therapy:

T3 Therapy works with belief systems. It’s a beautiful modality that finds faulty core belief systems, releases them and replaces them with positive belief systems. In so doing, your subconscious is freed up from self-sabotage and damaging thought processes. Read more about Three-Dimensional Therapy here. 

Healer's Blueprint SessionsHealer’s Blueprint:

Healer’s Blueprint is an intrinsic modality created by Tam Pendleton. Similar to the Body Code, Healer’s Blue print deals with many energies that we release at the cellular level. Dealing extensively with unhealthy cycles and relationship energy, this system Is extremely effective. Furthermore, with it’s beautiful releasing scripts, your deep core issues are addressed and balanced.  Read more about Healer’s Blueprint here.

Energy Psychology ServicesEnergy Psychology:

Combining techniques such as EFT, psychological reversals and meridian and chakra work, Energy Psychology is a widely renowned tool to help troubleshoot our energy system. Read more about Energy Psychology here.

Aromatherapy ServicesAromatherapy with Essential Oils: 

Extracting negative energy from a persons energy system is a lot like weeding a garden. In weeding a garden, some weeds are much to stubborn until you soften the soil with water. Emotions and other energy can be the same way and essential oils are the perfect tool to soften our energetic soil. Experience the pure joy of using God’s natural remedies in your own life as we integrate oils in our sessions together. Read more about aromatherapy here.

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A few notes about preparing for your session:

  • Sessions are over the phone. Please choose a safe, comfortable place to take the phone call. Also, make sure there are no outside distractions.
  • Good hydration is key, as well. The more water you have flowing through your body, the easier the session will be on you.
  • Equally as important, is sleep. And so, get good rest the night before.
  • Also, stay away from any substance that alters your judgment for 48 hours before our session. For example, alcohol and recreational drugs. Such influences can interfere with your results. However, continue to take any prescribed medications as recommended by your doctor. 
  • Lastly, Keep an open mind and heart. Intention is important. Come believing and hopeful, and you will have a great experience. 

Please contact me if you have any other questions. I am happy to discuss any questions or concerns you may have. You can also visit our FAQ page here.