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Emotional Wellness

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Meet Cassie

Emotional-Wellness Practitioner

Hi, I’m Cassie Hughes, a holistic emotional-wellness practitioner.

We all know about the physical systems of our body (i.e. digestive, immune, muscular etc…) But did you know that you have energy-systems as well? And just like our digestive system can get blocked, damaged, or become hyper-active, our energy systems can get out-of-balance too!

Think about it. Have you ever had a great loss, traumatic experience or toxic influence in your life that took your goals off track? Have you ever experienced heart-break, extreme sorrow or debilitating anxiousness that took over your thoughts from day-to-day? Has a medical-professional ever told you that stress is making your body unhappy? These are the types of things that can cause our energy systems to not work right.

Using a tried-and-true holistic approach, I can help you get your systems flowing freely and happily again, and in turn you just may find that not only are you feeling a whole lot happier, but your body is working better too!

Still have more questions?

Please feel free to look around the website, book an introductory consultation, or visit my FAQ page.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Happy Healing,

Cassie L. Hughes


The Emotion Code, Body Code, Three-Dimensional Therapy, Healer’s Blueprint, Aromatherapy, Mind-Body Integration and Energy Psychology are emotional-wellness systems. Their purpose is to balance the energy systems of the body. Often people feel lighter and freer after a session. They also may experience relief from mind and body issues. However, I do not guarantee to cure illness or disease. Results will vary. Also, these sessions are not treatments or a diagnoses. They also don’t take place of seeing your doctor. And so, if you have an illness or disease or are taking medications, please continue treatments as your doctor has prescribed. And of course, in case of emergency, please call 911 or seek medical help.