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  • Most pain and illness stem from trapped energetic imbalances. Through the use of energy healing we release the underlying causes of your pain and suffering, allowing your body to find its natural balance and heal.
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  • When negative imbalances in our body block us from moving forward we can become depressed and our energy is decreased. Once these imbalances are removed, not only do we feel more energy in our lives, but we also find more meaning and joy in what we do.
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  • Once this negative energy is released from our systems, we see more clearly, feel better, take increased opportunities, and believe in ourselves more than ever before. If you take this healing journey, you will begin to see that you can live life to its fullest and understand how to achieve this position in your life.
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  • Sometimes our pets also suffer from these negative energetic imbalances. Fortunately, these same techniques also work with our furry friends. Is your pet depressed, aggressive, and needy or always barking? Energy work may help!
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Dr Bradley Nelson
Dr Bradley Nelson
Dr Brad and Me
A Word from Dr. Brad

Hello, I wish to offer you a very warm welcome to my site!

Are you looking for relief from physical, emotional, or mental pain? Or are you looking for a way to jump start your life and get it on track to your ultimate-dream life vision? If so, you are exactly where you need to be and I am so super excited to join forces with you and not only get you started on the path to ultimate health, energy and abundant living, but I will be there with you every step of the way until you are finally there and beyond!
I am Cassie Hughes, and I have found a quick passion in emotional healing. When I first heard about it, my life was like walking on a tight rope. I was a timid and shy perfectionist who wanted the world, but didn’t believe she was able to, or even deserved to, have it. One wrong move and I would lose my balance on my happy little tight rope and spiral down into episodes of anxiety, depression and emotional self-abuse.
Once I found the Emotion and Body Code and started using it to heal myself, doors opened up. I found a practitioner to help me with the really deep issues and I started to see amazing change within myself. Permission from myself to myself was granted, and for once in my life, I truly felt happy with no reservations. I felt complete joy.
Now, It was just natural for me to want to share this kind of experience with you. I want every one of my clients to feel free from whatever it is that is keeping them back from living a life full of purpose, meaning and good health. Please accept my invitation to look around my site and see what I have to offer. I am available to answer any questions or concerns you have.