What’s Your Emotional Weight?

How Your Emotional Weight is Sabotaging your HealthEmotional Weight

Do you eat right,exercise moderately, live a healthy lifestyle and still struggle with your weight? Chances are you have an energetic or emotional reason behind it!

Let me tell you about my client, Tyrone (Name changed for protection). He is not an excessive eater by any means, doesn’t smoke or drink and lives a moderate lifestyle. However, he has struggled with his weight his whole life. With muscle testing there are two different things we look at when it comes to weight loss: Your Ideal weight, and your emotional weight.

Tyrone is 210 lbs. We test that his ideal weight is 170 lbs.  He likes that number but believes it is unattainable because he has never been there his adult life. So then, we ask what his emotional weight is and are in shock to find that emotionally, he is 400 lbs!

What is emotional weight? When we have emotional trauma that we carry throughout our life, it surrounds us and becomes this “energetic armor”, of some sort, around our being. It’s there to protect us from further pain and to muffle the hurts of life. The more trauma a person experiences in life, the bigger the energetic armor.

emotional weight

With everything, we are energy first, and then the physical follows. The same rule applies here. If Tyrone’s energetic weight is 400 lbs, his physical body will naturally try to fill up the space, despite his best efforts.  Even though he tries to be healthy, he is suffering from things like diabetes and high blood pressure among other things that tend to bloat his body. He is also on much medication with side effects causing weight gain. believe it or not, all of these things are subconsciously coming to him if efforts to “find balance” in his body and to have his physical body match the weight of his energy.

What can we do? Through energy work and emotional release technique we can whittle down the energetic body until it is closer to a person’s ideal weight. Once we achieve this, the same thing will occur. The physical body will work to match the emotional body and losing weight becomes much more easier and achievable.

What is your emotional weight? Find that and your ideal weight by booking a session with me!Emotional Weight

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  1. Paul


    Very interesting Cassie. I know there are a lot of different things that affect a person’s weight, but I never imagined an “energetic weight.” For me, I’ve struggled to gain weight. Even as I get older and less active, I still continue to lose weight (mostly muscle). This makes me wonder if there are other causes that I have not yet considered.

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