What is an Energy Healer?

I’m not going to lie, when people ask me “So, what is it that you do?” I hesitate for a minute. Not because I am ashamed or embarrassed about what I do, but because the ego in me is a little concerned about how the other person will take it when I say, “I’m an energy healer.”

I often get people asking “Can you do a reading for me?” or “How is your ‘séance thing’ going?” I just have to smile because I know where they are coming from. When I say that I am an “energy healer”, most of the western world immediately thinks about channeling spirits and voodoo-witchcraft.

What is an energy healer?


Well, I want to make it very clear, that is NOT what I do, by any means. I mean, hey, I like Harry Potter as much as the next fan. But my admissions letter to Hogwarts never came. I do not and cannot tell peoples’ futures (and don’t pretend to). I do not communicate with those beyond the grave….not for me, thanks! I do not cast spells, look into crystal balls, read tarot cards, transfer other peoples’ energy to another person or animal, push pins in small dolls or light any candles….I actually prefer my Scentsy warmer, thank you very much!

Assuming that I am into “dark magic” because I tell you that I am an energy healer, is like assuming I look at pornography because I use the internet, or I gamble because I have money.

Energy healing isn’t magic at all. It’s a science that is used as tool for medicine and health. It should be thought along the same lines as any other healthcare practice. It’s like going to a medical doctor, nutritionist, chiropractor, acupuncturist, massage therapist, surgeon, etc…. Each practice is neutral left alone, but put in a practitioner with intent, and then it becomes something else for the better or worse.

A medical doctor who has your best interest in mind, who will listen to you and really try his/her best to prescribe the right medicine or treatment for your body, is generally good. On the other side, a medical doctor who thinks you are just another number on his bank account and will prescribe you the newest, most expensive drug out there even though it may or may not be the best thing for your situation, is generally bad. It’s not the treatment itself that is right or wrong; it’s the doctor behind it.

The same is true for the field of energy medicine. And so it is vital that when choosing a practitioner,  one is very choosy with who they let work on them. People really can send damaging and dark energy into another person. They can really communicate with “evil spirits/energy” on the other side and they really can use the manipulation of energy for less-than-ethical reasons. It may sound silly, because that’s how we were raised to think in our culture. But having the stigma that it’s all a bunch of “nonsensical hocus-pocus” is damaging in a way because it allows us to write-off something that we should be protecting ourselves from.

The fact is, despite what the top searches of Google and Wikipedia say, or what medical journals and inconclusive scientific tests imply (I am going to write another post about the flaws in these tests very soon), energy healing is a real thing and real results happen because of it. I see it every day. Much too often to “just be a coincidence” and too real and lasting to “just be in the client’s head.”

However, when the day comes that energy healing is generally accepted as a true science (it’s bound to happen one of these days), to say it should be banned or not allowed because people can do evil things with it, would be like saying the internet should be banned because people watch porn on it. Or, no one should be allowed money, because it causes greed.

Energy Healing is actually a very beautiful, pure and amazing subtle science that really ought to be explored and learned by everyone. Energy Healing concepts, when used with pure intent and great care can be some of the most liberating, gentle, and amazing advancements in healthcare. (Advancement in our society at least, energy healing itself is very ancient in origin). Yes it can be abused; but so can (and is) modern healthcare, prescription drugs, and conventional therapy.

It is human nature to fear what we do not understand. But instead of dismissing it, we ought to extensively explore it until we do understand it.  From my standpoint, Energy Healing is an amazing health component all on its own, and can be a fantastic companion to the modern advancements of western medicine.

So, if I don’t read your palm, portray messages from your dearly departed Aunt Ruth, or cast enchantments that will make you a better lover, what is it exactly that I do?

I look at health from a holistic point of view. I find the energetic imbalances (such as stress, depression, or anger) that are affecting your physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual well-being and get rid of them, never to return to you, or hurt anyone else ever again.

Modern medicine usually only takes in account our physical and sometimes mental needs. But our health is determined by more than just that. Often it is the emotional and energetic (or spiritual) aspects of our health that cause the root of our physical and mental problems. Once we release the negative energy, your body is then able to balance itself out enabling it to function like it was created to and then essentially heal itself.

I really don’t do any “healing” even though I call myself, an “energy healer.” It all comes down to the body that God created for you. It heals itself, because it can. I just ask the right questions and facilitate in removing the “stuck” negative energy.

That’s it. It is so simple and subtle that it still may seem a bit hokey and silly; and that’s okay. I’m not embarrassed about that because I know it works. I’ve seen it work well time and time again. Those who can allow their minds to be open to the process can find out for themselves how life comes down to these simple things and that healing doesn’t have to be complicated. It is actually quite beautiful and empowering. And, I believe, that God designed our bodies to heal in this way.

More and more people are turning to alternative health avenues including energy healing, and that is awesome! As it becomes more generally accepted, my hope is that people will be educated, will know how to discern for themselves who to trust and what is good, and eventually be enabled to heal themselves, causing our world to be freer, healthier and happier all around.

Energy Healer

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    I just started meditating a few months ago and my world feels very different as if my consciousness is shifting. I sometimes meditate with my eyes open and just focus on a sunset or at a tree. Thank you again for sharing this.

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