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Life is full of ups and downs:  bumps and bruises or roses and chocolate.  Energy healing can help you enjoy more of the roses and chocolate that life has to offer by limiting the impact of the bumps and bruises that come our way.

As we go through life, we accumulate a ton of baggage.  The emotional trauma that we have experienced previously will never just walk away on its own.  That is why we feel so good after actively releasing them during our energy healing sessions.

While I love to work with my clients, mapping out a plan to help them shed off decades of negative emotions and energies, it is impossible to plan for the harmful curveballs life throws at us.  While these new, destructive emotions can be taken care of during your regular healing sessions, sometimes it’s really nice to get them taken care of right away.  I have created emergency healing sessions to take care of you when you need a quick fix.  Here is a quick set of guidelines you can use to help determine whether or not you need a quick emergency session.

quick fix

When to book an emergency session:

  1. Migraines:

Migraine_HeadacheMigraines can be some of the worst pain imaginable.  That pain can be magnified when you have negative emotions and energies preventing your body from taking the steps needed to properly heal.  When you experience migraines, first and foremost, take the medical steps you deem necessary. But then let’s get together for a quick balancing session where we can remove any blocks keeping you from relief.

  1. 1st symptoms of Flu or cold

fluFlus and colds are miserable, and they afflict many of us constantly. Modern medical science has yet to create the cure for these most inconvenient ailments. Yet the techniques used in the Body and Emotion code can help to take away any and every distraction that can keep your body from focusing on fighting the bug, which can dramatically reduce the time you spend suffering.

  1. Right before a stressful test, performance or interview

micUnless you plan on living on your couch watching daytime television, life will throw stressful events at you.  These experiences should be celebrated, not feared or loathed.  Stress helps us grow.  Remember that every diamond began life as a lump of coal. It is only through extreme pressure that it is turned into a girl’s best friend.

By working with me I can free you from the emotional distractions that can prevent you from performing at your best level.  While we can do most of this work through your healing plan, a quick fix before a stress inducing event can get you totally and completely free and focused to perform at your highest level.

  1. Panic and anxiety attacks

panic_attackMy husband recently suffered from his first panic attack.  He was going through a stressful time with his work and things kept building on themselves until they all attacked him at once.  He called me immediately and I was able to conduct a quick emergency session to clear out these negative energies and emotions attacking him.   While this emergency session didn’t automatically cause the stressful situation to resolve itself, he was free to think clearly about the problem and work through it in a more rational way.  Once he got home I was able to do more work on him with a complete Body Code session, which helped him feel whole again. When you feel overwhelmed with life’s challenges, please call me; let’s do an emergency session and release these blocks so that you can thrive.

  1. Depression lows

DepressionDepression is one of the most debilitating and misunderstood diseases plaguing mankind today.  We can work together with one of my comprehensive packages to help release you from a lot of the trapped emotions and energies that cause you to suffer.  However when you are suffering from a depression low, and your Body Code session is still a few days away, that may feel like a lifetime.  A quick emergency session can be the crutch you can lean on to get you by.

When to not book an emergency session

  1. Anything that requires a call to 911, or a Life-threatening situation

If you get in a car wreck and it lose a limb….please, do not call me first. Call 911. Energy healing can do a lot, but regeneration is not one of my skills. During real emergency situations, please get medical treatment first.  We can work together after and find ways to help your body heal after the emergency is completely taken care of.

  1. If you feel like committing suicide

If you are having suicidal thoughts, please call the suicide hotline or someone legally qualified to help you. Our sessions need to be done when the atmosphere is relaxed and non-toxic. It is tough to create that atmosphere when the situation is high-risk. After the situation calms down, then we can work together to work toward never letting it get so bad again

  1. Broken bones, Burst appendix or gallbladder

While releasing trapped emotions, and removing negative energies can do wonders for your body, and can help you heal faster, and more completely, if you get a broken bone, or if one of your internal organs ruptures, call the doctor or 911 before you call me.  While the healing techniques of the Body and Emotion Code can do marvelous things, you still must seek proper help for a medical emergency.  After you have that taken care of, let’s get together and release anything that may prevent your body from completely healing itself.


Quick fixes are not complete Body or Emotion Code sessions; they are very targeted mini sessions that are intended to give you quick relief. An Emergency session is only meant to supplement more in-depth healing work.  Please, let’s get in touch if you have any questions about quick emergency sessions, and let’s see if they can help you.

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Sessions given by Cassie L Hughes are intended to be an emotionally-rewarding experience. While services offered can be a nice compliment to professional medical treatment, Cassie L Hughes does not diagnose or treat any medical conditions and is not a replacement for seeking conventional medical help or going to a doctor. Services given by Cassie L Hughes should not be considered as medical treatment.