Staying Positive

I love what I do. And for that, I count myself lucky.  Every day, I get to help people overcome the negative emotions and energies that hold them back from experiencing true emotional, physical, and mental freedom.

As I get to help people release these negative emotions and energies, they often tell my they feel a huge weight is being literally lifted off their shoulders. While this is truly amazing, the problem is that a void is left in their subconscious, a void that will need to be filled. People should choose to fill it up with positive energies and emotions, or else it is subject to being filled with new negative ones.

During our sessions, as I aid in removing the negative forces from your energy field,  I will replace them with positive emotions and energies to fill that void.  However like a garden, you can’t just pull the weeds, dig a hole, and throw some seeds in and walk away expecting that you can come back in a few weeks to a lush flowering garden.  To be successful you have to constantly weed, water and fertilize your garden.


Filling your subconscious with positive emotions and energies is no different.  While I can help you plant the seeds, and even nourish them through our work together during your sessions, it will still require some effort and work from you.

In order to take full advantage of the amazing work the Body and Emotion code can do for you, you have to make a few adjustments in your life.  You have to proactively fill your life with positivity. Like that old clichéd saying instructs: “be the good you want to see in the world.”  It doesn’t do any good to spend your hard earned money and precious time on energy work and then do nothing else to change your life.  If you do what you always have done, you will get what you’ve always got.

Please do not get overwhelmed as you read this, The beautiful thing is that the work we do with the Body and Emotion Code will free you up so you can make these changes in your life. I am not saying that you need to make huge dramatic shifts in your life.  Let’s just take a few things in your life and turn them from a source of negativity, into a fountain of positive energy.

Let’s focus on changing small aspects of your life to uncover great sources of positivity in your daily life.  Just making a little change can dramatically impact the whole course of your day.  For example, I am not a morning person. When I wake up to help get my daughter off to school, I lounge around in my bed, trapped by the comfort of the blankets and pillows. It isn’t until the kids come in and literally jump up and down on me,  that I am forced out of the bed for my own safety.  My whole day then feels as if I am enveloped by a cloud of bitterness because I was forced out of my bed.  I wanted to fill my life with more positivity, so now when that alarm rings I get up immediately and brush my teeth, that way I am up and out of bed ready to start my day.  As a non-morning person, the change can be difficult. But the rest of my day thanks me for it each time!

My husband and I have two young kids, and they are awesome.  However like all little kids, sometimes they really like to whine.  And when these two start whining it drives my husband crazy and almost instantly puts him in a bad mood.  The other day my 4 year old son and I met him for lunch, and as we were eating my son started to whine.  Instead of getting frustrated, my Husband asked my son if he wanted to see his lemon face.  My son looked back puzzled; my husband quickly took a whole lemon slice and shoved it into his mouth sucking down on it hard.  As he was struggling to spit it out, the face he made instantly caused my son and me to almost die from laughter.

Take those small things that routinely annoy you, and find a quick and simple way to turn them around creating an unexpected source of positive energy.

Look for ways to make the mundane awesome.  As you drive around running errands crank your favorite guilty pleasure music up, and sing along.  As you are checking out at the store tell the cashier a joke.  As you walk around, pay attention to who’s around you, look them in the eyes and smile.

staying positive

I love working with you and love helping you free yourself from decades of trapped negative energies and emotions.  I can help you identify areas in your life that your body wants to change from a negative to a source of positive energy.  As we focus on turning as many of our daily experiences into beacons of positivity as possible we create defenses against negative emotions that want us to fall.

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  1. paul


    Thanks for the posting. My kids bring me such great joy. They are like a ray of sunshine in my life.

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