Positive Gratitude

The most basic principle to energy healing is that EVERYTHING is made up of energy. Our chairs we sit on, the music we listen to, our bodies, organs, blood cells, our emotions, and even our thoughts! All these energies vibrate at different frequencies to create what they are today.

These energies interact with and can manipulate the other energies around them to some degree. That is why the music we listen to effects our mood, the chair we are sitting on effects our comfort level, and the thoughts we are thinking effect our health. That is how energy healing essentially works. If we believe it will work for us, our thoughts give power to our reality and we are made healthy, through our intentions and beliefs. That’s the beauty and simplicity of the work I do; it’s too simple for some.

With this being said, one of the most HEALING thoughts we can have is gratitude. Not only gratitude for when things are going right, but finding the thing to be grateful for when things are going wrong.

Having the RIGHT kind of gratitude, is essential. Last night I was up all night getting over a cold. Every time I almost fell asleep I would violently wake up to a coughing fit. This really annoyed me because I’ve had sleep trouble lately and I knew I had to get up in the morning and take care of needy kids and a messy house. I was already SOOO tired. I am one of those people who gets GRUM-PY if I don’t get enough sleep. And so I was miserable, cursing the night for doing this to me and anticipating the crazy-lady I would surely be the next day.

At about 1:30 AM I finally went downstairs and got my peppermint tea and essential oils out. I applied them on and drank my herbal tea and contemplated my situation. I remembered the Sunday school lesson I had at church that day. It talked about finding gratitude in our trials. I decided that it was time to stop feeling sorry for myself and put this gratitude thing into practice.

What could I find to be grateful for when I was so tired I could barley keep my eyes open but sleep wouldn’t come no matter how hard I tried? I started with “it could be worse” things. I thought:

“At least I have a comfortable bed to rest in, even if I’m not asleep. Some people don’t even have that”,

“At least I have a safe home so I CAN be sick and take care of myself.”

“I should just be happy I have a throat to be sore!”

These gratitude thoughts weren’t doing the trick. They weren’t resonating perfectly with me because the undertones of them were that of guilt. They were suggesting to me that I shouldn’t be such a cry-baby because things could be much worse, and are much worse for others. Who am I to complain? But they didn’t validate what I was feeling and I think were in a way, destructful.

So I switched the form of my gratitude and decided to focus solely on positive things.

“I think the energy work I did on myself in the beginning of this sickness really paid off. It didn’t escalate to an ear infection or strep!” (I was sure my sickness started as an ear infection).

“This peppermint tea is lovely”

“I am so grateful I am learning about herbs and their health benefits. I can tell the essential oils I’m using are working”.

“I know I will be helped tomorrow despite my lack of sleep because I will pray for help.”

“I am grateful for prayer.”

Positive Gratitude

I went back to bed with a quick prayer of gratitude for the opportunity to develop my gratitude. And guess what? I woke up in the morning with no more coughing fits in between.

Today has been a Manic-Monday, what with the mid-summer itch my kids and I are feeling. But I have been happier and more pleasant inside than I usually am after lack of sleep. The kids came in and snuggled with me this morning. I know that’s cute, but usually after a sleepless night, it annoys me. This morning, even though I was a tiniest bit annoyed cause I wanted to keep sleeping, my heart truly rejoiced for the beauty and joy my kids are to me. It wasn’t a feeling I had to work at, it just came.

Even though there have still been struggles today (my son stole all of my daughters nail polish, used it, and broke one of the bottles, MUCH to my daughter’s dismay). My ability to handle these struggles has increased so I haven’t become the rampaging, screeching monkey I can become when I’m on little sleep.

Gratitude has healed me and made my interaction with my home and family so much better than it could be. The energy of gratitude is a REAL thing. It’s an energy that literally penetrates our soul and replaces negative energy that affects our moods, relationships and even physical health. It is an easy remedy for the body that costs nothing except, at times, our pride.

Try Gratitude in your life. Real, genuine, positive gratitude. When you are sitting in a traffic jam, turn up the music and be happy for a few minutes of jam-time. When the kids are fighting, hug them and express your gratitude that they are a part of your family. In our world plagued with self-gratification and complaint, plant seeds of gratitude and see how beautiful it makes your life and the lives of those around you. I promise you, it will be worth it!

Attitude of Gratitude

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