The Difference Between the Emotion and Body Codes


What’s the difference between the Emotion and Body Codes? Working with the Body Code and the Emotion Code modalities have completely opened my eyes to the endless communication we can have with our subconscious mind.  This complete communication can help us uncover exactly what we need to do to completely balance our own body so […]

The Quick Fix

Quick Fix

Life is full of ups and downs:  bumps and bruises or roses and chocolate.  Energy healing can help you enjoy more of the roses and chocolate that life has to offer by limiting the impact of the bumps and bruises that come our way. As we go through life, we accumulate a ton of baggage. […]

Staying Positive

Staying Positive

I love what I do. And for that, I count myself lucky.  Every day, I get to help people overcome the negative emotions and energies that hold them back from experiencing true emotional, physical, and mental freedom. As I get to help people release these negative emotions and energies, they often tell my they feel […]

Attracting Abundance

Energy Healing

  With the release of the popular book The Secret, a whole new era of thinking has been introduced. “The law of attraction” will either stir  feelings of hope, skepticism or weariness in you. But whatever your take on it is, one thing is certain:  The main focus is on abundance. Whoever and wherever you […]