My Journey

I was introduced to energy work five years ago by a friend who is a practitioner for the Emotion and Body Codes. From the time I was a teenager I had suffered from constant pain in my right shoulder/neck area that would flare up after I had a busy day on my feet. I was interested to see if my friend could help alleviate this pain and so I decided to give energy work a try. I had NO idea what I was getting myself into.

This was my first experience with any kind of holistic healing and I was very apprehensive, to say the least. This healer talked to HER body through something called “muscle testing” to find MY imbalances. Afterwards she took out a strange magnetic device, rolled it down my head three times and called me cured.

This was like nothing I had ever experienced before, but the pain in my shoulder subsided and emotionally I felt amazing!

Following this experience I decided to purchase the Emotion Code book.  I learned about muscle testing and how our subconscious can actually speak to us through this testing. I learned how energy works and the science behind energy healing. I began to practice these techniques on myself and was soon able to cancel my ongoing chiropractor appointments to deal with my pain.

As I continued to release these negative emotions, my life began to find new meaning. I began taking more opportunities that I never before felt brave enough to conquer, things like repelling and horseback riding.  I also found myself overcoming my introverted nature and becoming more social and outgoing. I even started my own party planning business!

Despite all these amazing results, I still had doubts about the system.

First of all, it just seemed too good to be true.  I had been dealing with pain for ten years. It seemed impossible that this pain could be healed in a few sessions with a magnet.

Secondly, I had reservations about the system. I couldn’t tell if Dr. Bradley Nelson (the man behind the Emotion Code) was being genuine or just all hype. His website seemed very scammy. It screamed at me:  “Pay me money and you will be wealthy, find the perfect soul mate and never feel pain again!” Again, the skeptic in me kept thinking that it had to be too good to be true.

Finally, there is so much mysticism to energy-healing. As a christian woman, I had to wonder if this truly was possible or if dark, evil forces were at work.

I spent several years researching, communicating and praying about these questions. Despite all, I kept circling back to the same answer: IT WORKS. Certainly there are no guarantees to healing any and all diseases or ailments.  But then again, what mode of healing does work perfectly? In most cases, conventional medicine seems to create more symptoms and side effects, instead of just cure the problem…not very perfect if you ask me. However, as more and more people are becoming familiar with the emotion code and allowing it to work for them, they are seeing results.

In my personal experience I have seen this modality help heal constant migraines, eczema right on the spot, turn a black cyst on a foot back to skin color and shrink three times its size right before our eyes, stop self-sabotage thoughts, heal communication between spouses, fight off infections in animals and much, much more.

So, is this too good to be true? Is it a “placebo effect” scam? Simply put, I’ve seen it work too often and too well for humans AND animals to not believe in this work.

Energy healing promotes not only healing but also living a better and more validated life.  It assists people in overcoming the things in life that may be preventing a life full of potential and success. I believe that this energy healing modality was inspired by God and is a gift to us to help us experience real healing.

With all of this being said, I am excited to move forward and begin my healing practice. I am excited to see many others benefit through learning about how their bodies can heal themselves and how that can be achieved through energy healing.

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Sessions given by Cassie L Hughes are intended to be an emotionally-rewarding experience. While services offered can be a nice compliment to professional medical treatment, Cassie L Hughes does not diagnose or treat any medical conditions and is not a replacement for seeking conventional medical help or going to a doctor. Services given by Cassie L Hughes should not be considered as medical treatment.