10 Tips to an Abundant Mindset when you are Struggling to Make Ends Meet

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Want to have financial abundance in your life? It’s all about attitude! Start looking at money in different ways.

Instead of saying “I can’t get that, it’s too expensive” or “I don’t have enough” ~ Say “I prefer to use my money for ____ instead”.

A good friend of mine taught me about the importance of gratitude as she told me what she did whenever she spent money. Whenever she spends money, she thanks it for serving her! She also thanks God for giving her the money she needs.  Practicing this simple step was one of the main things that helped my friend go from bankruptcy to having an abundance for the needs and wants of her family of 9 within a year!   Try it yourself, every time you spend money, take a moment to thank it: “Thank you for being available so I can buy my kids milk and cereal.”  “Thank you for being there so I can purchase this beautiful dress for me”,  “Thank you for being available so I can create a memorable day out with my family.”

Give liberally and freely. The most abundant people give their excess to those in need.  Miserly behavior leads to a scarcity mindset.  Giving of your time, money and talents to the world, opens up a space so you can receive more. Make sure you give in a timely and orderly manner, and make sure you and your family are taken care of first.  If you don’t have the resources to give, instead of saying “I can’t afford to give right now” say “If I had the money, I would give but right now, I can send a prayer, do a service or be a friend.”  Money is a tool to do great things with, it is not a measurement of worth or ability.

When we start putting our worth to our money, we become prideful or victimized. There is an abundance of resources, including money, for everyone to have enough. When we start with checking our mindsets and aligning them with the idea of abundance, we start opening ourselves up to receive abundance in our own lives.



1. GRATITUDE ~be grateful for the money you do have, are receiving now and will get in the future.

2. FORGIVE~ Let go and forgive any and all hurts you have done or received when it comes to money. If you haven’t paid someone back, apologize, and pay it back if you can. If someone hasn’t paid you back, do what it takes to forgive them. Someone stole $6000 from my husband and I, and we were consumed by it for months! It was only when we started turning to God to help us release and forgive the infraction done to us, that we started being free again to move on and continue creating the life we wanted for our family.

3. EMPOWER ~ When you spend money,  think of it as an accomplishment and let it empower and inspire you. “I work hard, and because I do, I can afford to give my kids breakfast in the morning” Refrain from the self defeating thoughts of what you are currently unable to do. “I am such a bad mom because I can’t get the organic produce. I’m feeding my kids cancer, but I can’t afford any better!” is a scarcity mind-set thing to think.

4. ORDER~ Keep your finances in order. Be empowered by knowing whats going in and what’s going out. Be obedient to the law of living in your means. Budget and do what it takes to make sure more is coming in than is going out~ even if it is only $5.

5. COMMIT ~ Commit to your budget and to a gratitude attitude. It’s easy to forget and let things slip. Now is a good time to buckle down and tell the world, you are serious about changing your perspective about money.

6. PAY ATTENTION ~ Start paying attention to what you can do to sacrifice and give. Is there a charity you can donate to, a tithing you can give at church? A family who could use an anonymous $20?  Can you say “yes” to the teller when she asks you if you’d like to donate a buck to such and such foundation? Start making a promise to God that you will start being open to giving to those in need as He provides the abundance and resources you will need to do so.

7. BE HUMBLE ~Stay humble. Having little money does not mean you are cursed, unworthy or not as loved by God. Having a ton of money does not make you better, more worthy or better looking! You are you, Money is just a tool that will help you to progress your missions and goals here on earth.

8. PERSPECTIVE~ Keep your perspective on the everyday miracles. They are there, are you open to them? The $5 bill you found in a coat pocket you haven’t worn in years is a miracle. The fact that your daughter didn’t break anything when she fell down the stairs and so there are no medical bills, is a miracle. The fact that your neighbor is a repairman and will come fix your dishwasher for half the price, is a miracle. Yes, bad things happen too. But so does the good. Where you focus your energy on determines if you have a abundant or scarcity mindset.

9. CHARITABLE ~ As you increase in abundance, stay charitable and give liberally. This is very important. Remember when you made the promise to God that you would help the needy when you could? He will hold you to that. Give liberally with gratitude so that you may be comfortable and help those around you be comfortable too. There is great power in the charitable heart!

10. REJOICE~ Rejoice with what you earn, rejoice in what you get to create with what you earn and rejoice that you are taken care of and have enough. Allow yourself to be happy in abundance and be at peace with being cared for and being able to care for others.

5 Drops Wild Orange3 Drops Ginger1 Drop Spikenard1 Drop Lime1 Drop Frankincense

Essential oils are such a blessing for us. This particular blend helps to support an Abundant Mindset. Wild Orange brings about abundance. Ginger helps you to know what to do with the abundance. Spikenard reminds you to be grateful for all the abundance around you. Lime helps you to have a zeal for life so you may use your abundance in ways that will bring you joy. Frankincense helps you to share the way you use your abundance with the world. Diffuse it daily to help bring in Abundance. Custom blended by Cassie L. Hughes. To learn more about essential oils see the links below.

These 10 steps are meant to be a process and a practice, not something you read, try once and then forget. the cycle repeats itself over and over and our imperfect minds and souls need lots of practice. But the more we practice, the more in alignment to the abundant mindset we will become[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


Give liberally and freely. The most abundant people give their excess to those in need. Miserly behavior leads to a scarcity min

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