What’s Your Biological Age?

Do you ever feel older than you really are? It’s probably because you are older! Due to life stresses, time can cause us to age much quicker than we should. But, you know what? With energy work techniques, like the Body Code, we can, of course, ┬átake out all of that stress, emotional and trauma energy. Doing this not only slows down the aging process, but it can also turn the clock back on aging as well!

Feeling younger

For example, Kandice is 46 years old and she was dealing with knee problems. Her left knee especially was swollen and stiff so bad, she could not straighten it. After testing how old her knee was we were surprised to find out that her knee was actually 63 years old. 17 years older than her chronological age! Long story short, after finding the imbalances that were causing her knee to act older than she was, we not only got her knee to be pain free and bend again, but her knee is now 38 years old… 8 years younger than her real age!

This is how it works: We have our chronological age. This is the age we are, counted by years starting from our birth. And then we have a biological age. This is the age we FEEL. This age is determined by our experiences and the stresses and emotions we carry with us.

The interesting thing is, each member of our body can be a different age. If you are 40 years old chronologically, you can have a knee that is 60, a spine that is 54 and a heart that is 23 and so forth. These average out to be what is called your biological age.  So even if you are 40 years old, you might be biologically 60 years old according to what your body is holding onto.

What's your biological age

We then can use energy work to clear out everything that is making you feel older and perhaps even go back a few years!

This is just one way energy work like the Body Code can make you look, feel and live younger than you really are. It is revolutionizing anti-ageing procedures across the world. Do you want to know what’s your biological age is? And do you want to reverse it? Try some body code sessions! You can book yours now here at cassielhughes.com/services.

What's your Biological age?

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