10 Tips to an Abundant Mindset when you are Struggling to Make Ends Meet

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  To learn more about having an Abundance Mindset or to schedule a session with Cassie ~ please click HERE To learn more about Essential Oils and how they can support Abundance and Emotional and Physical well-being ~ please click HERE To join in on the fun at Cassie’s Facebook page and learn about Energy Healing and […]

Essential Oils and the Dreaded Upset Stomach

Oils and Upset Stomachs

     One of the worst things a mother can hear at 2 am, is the words, ” Mommy, I threw up!” But, alas, as parents we will most likely hear that phrase at least a couple of times in our lives. I’ve been blessed to learn a few tricks along the way though, and […]

What’s Your Emotional Weight?

Emotional Weight

How Your Emotional Weight is Sabotaging your Health Do you eat right,exercise moderately, live a healthy lifestyle and still struggle with your weight? Chances are you have an energetic or emotional reason behind it! Let me tell you about my client, Tyrone (Name changed for protection). He is not an excessive eater by any means, […]

What’s Your Biological Age?

biological age

Do you ever feel older than you really are? It’s probably because you are older! Due to life stresses, time can cause us to age much quicker than we should. But, you know what? With energy work techniques, like the Body Code, we can, of course,  take out all of that stress, emotional and trauma […]