How to Schedule a Session or Package

Hey there! Thank you for your interest in purchasing a session or package. Here is an easy step by step tutorial on how to successfully book your session online.


You may also watch this video:


  1. Go to my website:  and click the Services tab in the upper right corner.


2. Scroll Down and choose the session or package you want to schedule.



3. Choose your Time Zone



4. Select the date you would like to do your session



5. Select a time



6. Fill out your information.



7. Press Pay now



8. Pay with Credit Card



Don’t forget to click “Register for an account” to make scheduling easier in the future!



It’s that simple! 


Purchasing a package is equally as simple. Check it out below:

1.On the “contact” page scroll down to packages and choose your package option.



2. Fill out your information.

3. Click Pay now and fill out your credit card information to complete order. I process credit cards through Stripe. 



4.Your receipt will show you a special code. To schedule your first appointment, click schedule by the given code.



5. Fill out the step by step directions.



6. Make sure your code or email is in the code redemption spot. Click Complete Appointment.



7. Click “Choose Appointment” again to redeem your other sessions in your package. Remember to register an account for easier set-up next time!



And your done! I will see you soon!



Sessions given by Cassie L Hughes are intended to be an emotionally-rewarding experience. While services offered can be a nice compliment to professional medical treatment, Cassie L Hughes does not diagnose or treat any medical conditions and is not a replacement for seeking conventional medical help or going to a doctor. Services given by Cassie L Hughes should not be considered as medical treatment.