Cassie Hughes

Cassie Hughes

My name is Cassie Hughes. I am a wife and mother to a beautiful family. I’ve earned a bachelors degree in Liberal Arts at Southern Virginia University where I also met my amazing and ever-supportive husband. We have two children and we savor the joys and challenges of being parents.

One day a friend introduced me to the emotion code, I was immediately curious by its limitless potential to positively change people’s lives.  My whole life my mother has been plagued with health problems, keeping her from being the mom and grandma she has always wanted to be.  As I learned the emotion code and body code and as I worked my way through the certification process, she graciously volunteered as my guinea pig. As I perfected my craft, I was able to do what countless doctors, and decades of medication couldn’t: Give my mom tangible results towards a healthy life.  Her health has improved dramatically thanks to the emotion and body code.

I have been on this energy-healing journey for over five years now and I am excited to share it with you and the world. Through energy healing I have seen so many positive and wonderful results that help alleviate pain and illness,  battle depression and anxiety, resolve and mend relationships, and most importantly, help people live a truly fulfilled life. EVERYONE can benefit from energy healing, including you.

I am now ready to help YOU release the negative baggage that we all, as human-beings, tend to carry around with us.  You will be amazed with the results!

I’m an energy healer in Idaho, USA. However, you don’t have to be in Idaho to have a session with me. In fact, you can live anywhere in the world and still receive the same results with a phone call, or email session.

If energy-healing worked for me, it can work for you too. Give it a try today! Contact me to set up your appointment now!