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Simple and effective energy healing.

What is energy healing?

In a nutshell, energy healing is working at the core, or atomic level. Our bodies are all made of energy. Our organs are energy. Our bones are energy. Our blood is energy. Even our thoughts and emotions are energy. All these are working at different frequencies to create and interact with each other.

We thrive on positive energy. But in this imperfect world, negative things happen. Sometimes when we go through negative experiences, that energy has difficulty processing through our systems and gets trapped. The trapped negative energy then creates imbalances in our body which can eventually lead to illnesses and emotional trauma.

Energy healing basically uses gentle and simple techniques to release negativity from our system. It’s like Acupuncture, without the needles! Our bodies are amazing creations and when balanced, they are capable of healing themselves. Once the negative energetic imbalances are released, your body is then able to regain complete control and mend itself.

energy helaing

It is also important to understand that we are all connected to one another’s energies. Because of this, I can tap into your energy field (with your permission, of course). We then find the imbalances in your body that may be causing physical and mental impairments. Once your body is balanced back to its natural state, you will be amazed at the results and how well you feel.

In reality, it’s not the energy healer that is doing the healing. I don’t treat, diagnose or prescribe medication for illnesses and diseases. I simply remove the road blocks from your energy flow. When healing happens, it’s YOUR own body that is making it happen.

Energy healing

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Sessions given by Cassie L Hughes are intended to be an emotionally-rewarding experience. While services offered can be a nice compliment to professional medical treatment, Cassie L Hughes does not diagnose or treat any medical conditions and is not a replacement for seeking conventional medical help or going to a doctor. Services given by Cassie L Hughes should not be considered as medical treatment.